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Yohannesb9 on Jan 18th, 2017

Sounds terrible

Jenzel C on Jan 18th, 2017


Ralphy 608 Verga on Jan 17th, 2017

these weak ass artist gtta make click baits for attention this mfr suck ass and D

Bianca R on Jan 16th, 2017

this shit fire tho

Xoaquin Barrios on Jan 16th, 2017

Click bait alert!!!!!! p.s. I really thougt it was the real song I'm soo mad

ItsYaBoiDre11 on Jan 15th, 2017

this man is trash and satanic

kyle taylor on Jan 15th, 2017

trash ass shit, make yo own shit and dont make it click bait cause you cant rap.

TrondHelm on Jan 15th, 2017

not disliking because of misleading title, disliking becuase youre shit

Al Williams on Jan 15th, 2017

Heck naw. This that satanic stuff. See this why I gotta stick to my Gospel music. Hip Hop has failed me miserably.

MaryisBaka ?? on Jan 15th, 2017

The car was not near you bitch you suck